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Year 3, Week 22

I spent last week at Snow Farm, the New England Craft School, taking a workshop in “Working thicker in fused glass” with Alyssa Oxley. Besides the items in the curricula, I tucked some jewelry pieces in the corners of the kiln. The pieces need some finishing, so I will just post this one photo for now:


Year 2, Week 17

This wasn’t a very productive week for painting, although I did a major reorganization of my studio, including discarding over 100 old paintings! A very freeing accomplishment.

Otherwise, I did do a lot of beading, so that’s what I’m posting this week.



Can you guess that I like blue?

Week 52

I’m just home from a week at Snow Farm, where I took a workshop in fusing glass. Here are a plate and a bowl I made:


I also made a great many components for jewelry. These are only a few; mosaic pendants, and mixed pieces for earrings, etc.


This week it’s back to painting!


Week 30

What a week! NO painting, just getting ready to sell online on this site, as well as preparing to show my jewelry at St. Paul’s in Chatham on December 1 from 10 to 3. Here’s a teaser:

This coming week I will be at ArtSpace twice, so watch for more.

Week 12 – Glass

No paintings this week since last weekend I did a wonderful 3-day intensive workshop at Snow Farm, doing fused glass. My primary focus was making mosaic pieces, some of which are shown here.


One of the difficulties of dichroic glass is that the color often changes when the piece is fired. Here’s an example: on the left is the piece before firing, and on the right the fired piece, not all purple as I had intended.

This last piece is not only colorful, the glass was textured. I love it so much it isn’t for sale!

By the end of this week I should be back on schedule for posting, and uploading paintings again.