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Harvest Time

I was still on the still life kick last week, and did this arrangement deliberately trying to work in an “Old Master” style. Otherwise I mostly made jewelry, which I will post next.

Autumn still life


Relaxing with a still life…

I love still lifes, and tend to do them when I don’t feel like challenging myself. I get lost in the shapes and surfaces, and find it deeply meditative. Here is a recent one:

Green BottlesFlorals are not quite as relaxing, but I’m drawn to them anyway. This one seems to have an aura of creepiness; Julie (at ArtSpace) said she liked it because it “wasn’t pretty.”

Pink Lily

I think I might try to do one floral each month, so this is October.

Year 3, Week 20-21

Always bite off more than you can chew! This is the Cathedral Close at Wells, England. I’m not quite sure why this scene appealed to me to paint, but here it is.

This is a second version of one I did a few weeks ago and felt it lacked life. This one seems a bit better, and it’s the one I chose to frame.

And finally, I felt like doing a still life. I’m not sure if it’s finished.

Year 3, Week 19

Here’s a painting I’ve been working on for a while, of the Chapter House steps at Wells Cathedral. I dragged my hostess in England there because I remembered this stair from a visit in 1963, and wanted to try painting it.

Year 3, Week 18

I’m a little late posting this; preparations for my show, as well as signing up to receive credit card payments, is cutting into my painting time!

This is a major revision of an older painting; the sun has come out!

Year 3, Week 17

Getting ready for my show in September is taking up a fair amount of my studio time. Here’s what it looks like:

I did get a couple of paintings done, both versions of ones I had done previously in pastel.

Can you spot this one on the easel?

Year 3, Week 16

More “remedial painting:”


(Yes, I cut it down, too)


These will all probably be “show specials” — sold unframed at a low price. Speaking of which, the show information is on the News page of my website.