Year 3, Week 17

Getting ready for my show in September is taking up a fair amount of my studio time. Here’s what it looks like:

I did get a couple of paintings done, both versions of ones I had done previously in pastel.

Can you spot this one on the easel?


Year 3, Week 16

More “remedial painting:”


(Yes, I cut it down, too)


These will all probably be “show specials” — sold unframed at a low price. Speaking of which, the show information is on the News page of my website.

Year 3, Week 15

I’ve been getting ready for a solo show, which has led me to look critically at some of my paintings which I had thought were complete. As a result I have been doing some “remedial painting,” of which this is an example. The previous version is at Week 11.

I still think it’s a bit garish in color, so this is probably not its final version.

Year 3, Week 14

This is another scene from England, photographed during a rainy hike with Christ and Marion Dedrick. The bluebells were almost finished blooming, but I used artistic license to put them in the painting.Someday I will see them at their peak, I hope.